Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Covet Thy Neighbor

Wouldn’t it be great if there existed an internet marketplace where you could covet your neighbor’s goods?

While there are a handful (literally, crowded into our iPhones and Androids) of apps that help us locate the nearest neighbor to share some of our “sugar” with, NeighborGoods.net is the first location-based website where we can write home to mom about the neighborly sharing we get up to.

Why? The only tops and bottoms on this location-based sharing site are the tops of pots and pans and the Chelsea and WeHo bottoms who are tired enough of cooking to list them.

Launched earlier this month, Neighbor Goods is based on the Craigslist model – users sign up, and then submit their zip code and what goods they are willing to lend to complete strangers. Other users search the site via zip code or category to locate just what it is they’re in need of, such as grills, chessboards and power tools (all items found in a recent search in LA).

For those like us who might be cheap freeloaders desperate resourceful, finding that right pair of Givenchy shades to borrow through summer or a portable basketball hoop to keep (both real items we found) only entails a “move” to Beverly Hills (hint: zip code 90210).

If you have great taste, wear size 32 28-waist jeans and are easy-going when it comes to having your stuff returned belatedly, won’t you be our neighbor?