Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

What’s Under YOUR Kilt?

KiltIn Scotland, apparently they call gay marriage ceremonies “Civil Partnerships.” Tomato, tomahto we guess. And actually, we think we like that better than “Civil Unions.” Sounds more like a relationship, less like a country.

So why do we care about Scottish Civil Partnerships? Because¬†LoveScotland.com giving away a fabulous dream “partnership” ceremony and honeymoon. Click here for your chance to win. You’ve got to get yourself there on your own, but once you arrive, you’ll be treated to accommodations at a five-star boutique guest house, a wedding photographer, a celebration meal, and a night in a romantic hotel for your honeymoon consummation (you know, the fun part!)

If you’re thinking of tying the knot, why not tie it like a Scot? (Hmmm… we see a greeting card career in our future).

Even if you don’t win, we think you’d still have a fantastic time across the pond, so check out everything LoveScotland.com has to offer.