Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Jack Of All Gays

1971. A year that would forever change the way gays dressed. They just didn’t know it yet. From the sexiest underwear to the latest jeans, Union Jack on Cedar Springs has been the go-to place for men’s fashion for 39 years. And now, they’re ready to celebrate.

After all, when they turn 40, we’re likely to see Union Jack driving around in an expensive red sports car, getting hair plugs and finding a younger boyfriend.

But that’s next year. There’s still time for 40th birthday therapy.

For now, our new favorite number drops by 30 points because for the entire month of August, Union Jack will be featuring $39 sales on its hottest items. We know the details of each super discount bonanza, but we promised we wouldn’t divulge the details – except the upcoming one this weekend. And it’s a doozy.

On Saturday, August 7, all footwear from Kenneth Cole, Bed Stu, Affliction and Vibram 5 Fingers (those creepy shoes with toes!) will be on sale for $39 or less. The last time we got a pair of Kenneth Cole shoes for $39, it wasn’t even a pair. It was a single shoe. Used. With no laces or insole. Three sizes too small. So you can understand our excitement over the magnitude of these deals.

Each Saturday in August, a new merchandise category will go on sale and, man, we wish we could spill the beans. You’re going to want to be camped out in tents in front of Union Jack the next few Fridays to be like the Mervyn’s Open-Open-Open lady to be the first through the door for the best selection.

Just let us know if you do. We’ll bring the s’mores.

Union Jack
3920 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas
(214) 528-9600