Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lox Lushes

Move over Sarah Palin, our new favorite fish to come out of Wasilla, Alaska, is the Smoked Salmon-Flavored Vodka from Alaska Distillery, homo-based in the city.

Sure, the flavor isn’t exactly as appealing as a tall drink of Chace Crawford, but once mixed into a Bloody Mary – our favorite way to put the new concoction to use – the portal to an entirely new world opens.

Before the salmon-infused edition of our favorite spirit arrived, we had bacon-flavored vodkas to choose from to spice up our morning Mary. In fact, one of the best known bacon varieties came courtesy of the Alaska Distillery.

But as gays suffering the summer heat while trying to watch our figures, we tended to avoid the pork affectation in favor of something less fattening-tasting. Thanks to the salmon version, we can go hog (well, salmon) wild and mix our cocktail accordingly without worrying about our waistline (save for our ever-enlarging livers).

The possibilities of salmon-distilled vodka are not exactly endless and might only be alluring to those in possession of bolder palates, but there is definitely something to be said for being able to have your breakfast all in one gulp.

In fact, we our friends have attempted strict liquid breakfast diets for years and are rejoicing with Salmon Vodka’s arrival!

Currently available in Texas, California and Alaska
Coming soon to Colorado