Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Ex Games

We’ve been giving lots of people the cold shoulder-pad lately. First there was Avoidr turning Foursquare into a game of avoiding our not-friends. Now Ex-Blocker is taking our ability to digitally avoid a selected few to new heights by digitally blocking the low-down, dirty ex.

Breakups are difficult. (We know; we endure roughly three a month.) Nearly as difficult, however, is seeing an ex’s Facebook-status update, photo album, Twitter stream or blog featuring all the new boys, men, daddies and bears in his life. We’re not bitter or anything.

Rather than lose another number on our ever-increasing roster of Friends or Followers, we can instead head to Ex-Blocker to key in our ex’s name and the browser plugin will make the ex’s digital stream vanish as quickly as Mel Gibson’s career.

Better yet, the plugin allows users to block up to four exes, meaning, as we previously stated, it’d take a month of tops tops for us to meet the limit.

Sure, Karma is as much of a bitch as Nurse Jackie Beat, meaning Ex-Blocker works both ways: if you find pleasure in keeping your ex as a Friend or Follower just to post pictures of yourself passed out at the Manrammer after a long night of cockstails (not a typo), your glory hole days might be over…




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