Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Don’t Forget The Rubber

Though you may have heard otherwise, bag-ahol is our preferred vice. Just ask our sponsor in the AmEx collections department.

Giving us our latest fix is the collection from Carga. The brand – the Rocky Horror Picture Show of the manbags – scored underground hits a few years back that have managed to become cult-favorites on the resale/vintage scene, but returns with a new line of goods that leaves our mouths watering.

Don’t worry: the bags are made from a single piece of rubber and vegetable leather, meaning our mouthwatering won’t do any harm.

We’ve been jumping on the tote-boat lately and adore Carga’s version, the ØW3, but our favorite from the new line is hands down, ankles up the slightly-smaller, laptop-ready ØW2.

Maybe it’s the minimal accents, maybe it’s because it’s slimmer than Kate Moss; whatever the reason, we already have the classy rubber bag stuffed with our laptop and a few other items (including different kinds of rubber items that we hope will become stuffed themselves…).

Made from single pieces of rubber and boasting leather accents, the ØW bags will match at least a dozen outfits we have hanging in our closet…

$175 – $295