Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Choc(olate) It Up To Success

It’s slept with champagne. It’s gotten it on with Ramen and flirted with French Toast. And now it’s having a fling with protein. Chocolate is single-ladies-handedly making itself known as the Jenna Jameson of the food industry.

Though we applauded its previous marriages, we hope that chocolate’s current shacking-up with protein is more than just a rebound. What more could we want in a dessert? Alcohol, maybe. But that’s beside the point.

Our latest love affair is shared with the Benedetto Protein Chocolates, a new line of snacks packing 38% of daily recommended protein in a handful – more than a post-workout shake, bar or KFC Double-Down.

Even better, Benedetto packages the superhuman-dose of whey protein in delicious dark chocolate casing (63% cacao) alongside flavors like marshmallow, lemon, raspberry and mint.

While there are many jokes that can be made about dark chocolaty balls filled to the brim with gooey protein, we’ll take the sugar-high road, because, you know, if anything we are exemplars of class.

Speaking of class, screw Pilates: we can now have our (chocolate) cake and eat it, too…

$19.95 (three pack); $159.95 (box of 25)