Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Put Your Money Where Your Butt Is

True gay confession: we carry a murse. You know, a man purse. Between keys, designer sunglasses, wallet, mints, gum, hand sanitizer, business cards, emergency duck sauce packets and our iPhone, without our messenger bag, we’d have a lot of unwanted lumps in our jeans. And 80 percent of the time, we’ve got our laptop with us, too. So it just makes sense to put everything in one big bag.

But when we go out to dinner, nightclubs or party-crashing at the White House (shhh, we still haven’t been caught), we only take the essentials: our ID, cash for strippers tips, and whichever Visa still has available credit. And we’re as picky about wallet bumps as we are panty lines. Nobody should see them.

So just like our men, we want something thin, stylish and comfortable in our pants. That’s where J.Fold comes in. We love these wallets. We even carry one in our manly satchel now, too.

Forget the standard wallet options you find at most department stores. Brown tri-fold or black bi-fold? Geez, the choices. Stop!

With J. Fold, there are dozens of styles and tons of colors, designs and sizes. Yellow, green, purple, turquoise. Stripes, plaids, wingtip patterns. Teeny-tiny, medium and Constanza-size. Our favorites are the Super Slim Card Carrier for goin’ out and the Sportswallet for everyday.

So now that we have these great wallets, all that’s missing is a sugardaddy to fill them up. Because nothing’s sadder than an empty J.Fold. Or a sugardaddy without a hot stud to shower his money upon.

Starting at $25
Available online and in stores