Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Better Drinking Through Chemistry

One of our favorite pastimes, besides roofing and changing the oil on city buses, is watching any TV program related to cooking. For the past couple of years, we’ve caught shows that highlight innovative cocktails around the world and we’ve been dying for the recent trend of Molecular Mixology to come to Dallas. Well, our wait is finally over.

The Second Floor Bistro-Bar at the Westin Galleria is the first place we’ve seen offer these extremely imaginative alcoholic creations. They’re so fancy and labor intensive that the Executive Chef himself, hottie J Chastain comes out from the kitchen to man the bar for an hour or so every Friday.

Now, when we say you’re in for a show, we’re not talking cheesy Tom Cruise/TGI Friday’s throw-the-bottle-in-the-air shenanigans. No, this is performance art. Performance art you can drink.

Each cocktail utilizes something we never paid attention to on the Periodic Table, like liquid nitrogen. And we think maybe Cryptonite. The result is unlike anything you’ve gotten at any happy hour ever without a bartender named Wonka.

There are five cocktails to choose from and, of course, we had to try them all. The Fire and Ice Shot features nitrogen frozen cherry Mojito and flaming (while you watch) caramelized Guinette cherries. Served in two compartments on a plate (yes, a plate) you eat the Mojito like a sorbet and eat the delicious cherries with or without the frozen booze.

The Strawberries and Cremant Cocktail looks like a pretty straightforward glass of Champagne, but it’s far from that. Strawberry puree is injected into molds and then a chemical reaction instantly turns the puree pellets into strawberry “caviar,” which then floats inside a glass of Albrecht French Champagne. Served alongside are dried strawberries and fresh whipped cream.

Like Mom always said, “Eat Your Bloody Mary or no dessert for you!” Now, you can make the old lady proud. Once again, liquid nitrogen turns a trio of Bloody Marys (one each made with tequila, vodka and gin) into delicious, savory sorbets. Then they’re served up with crazy sides like powdered olives, horseradish foam and a bleu cheese sphere. Mix and match flavors or just enjoy the sorbets on their own.

The Sex and the City gals never had a Cosmo like the one at The Second Floor. This one is flash frozen to form a layer of smoky ice on top, then completed with a Lime Viogner foam for a truly unique cocktail that looks more Addams Family than Carrie Bradshaw.

Finally, beer lovers are treated to their own creation in the Nitrogen Car Bomb, which is a velvety smooth Guiness float with freshly frozen Jameson and Bailey’s ice cream. The first sip tastes like beer, then everything after tastes like a decadent, rich milk shake with a surprising kick. Even beer haters will swoon for this one.

Each cocktail costs $15 and is only available during this brief 1-hour window each week, but remember, you’re getting a show with every one you order. The flavor experience is a must for foodies and boozehounds alike.

Best of all, offerings will change out every month or so, which means we’ll be checking them out periodically. Get it? That’s just one more chemistry joke we threw in for free. You can thank us with roses. Or better yet, another Fire and Ice Shot.

Note: Friday, August 13 is the last day of Molecular Mixology until September 10 so that Chef J can be in the kitchen during Restaurant Week. So hurry if you want a spot for tomorrow’s experience (there are only about a dozen seats at the bar).

Reservations Required
6:00 – 7:00 p.m. most Fridays
The Second Foor at the Westin Galleria
3340 Dallas Parkway, Dallas
Complimentary valet at the hotel
(972) 450-2978