Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Eau Baby, Baby

We go through fazes with our colognes. Sometimes we can’t walk out of a department store without several hundred dollars worth of new fragrances and gifts with purchase. If the world economy fails and logoed duffel bags become the new currency, we’re officially billionaires.

Then there are times that we’ll go for several months, even (gasp!) a year without a new fragrance purchase. During that time, however, we do a lot of experimentation (one of our favorite things) and make our own cocktails (another fave) out of several colognes. A spritz from this bottle, a splash from that one and suddenly we have something so unique, we know we’ll be the only ones sporting it. Plus, it makes us feel like chemists.

Well we were recently sent a bottle of RSQ Cologne for Him from our friends at Tilly’s and it’s like somebody else was wearing our bedazzled lab coat. Everything we love to mix on our own is in here.

On top, we get refreshing citrus notes of lemon and mandarin orange mixed with the floral elements of fresh lavender. Then as it warms with our body, the delectable hints of fresh basil and spearmint cool the skin while bringing a complex masculinity to the equation. It’s addictive. We wear it during the day to work, we wear it out at night for our secret career as a serial killer with a heart of gold. It’s that versatile.

And our favorite part, as much as we love RSQ for Him, you’d think it were a high-dollar fragrance, but it’s surprisingly affordable at just $25.99. And with all the drinks men are buying us when we wear it, it’s paid for itself a thousand fold. Our friend who rubs Bounce dryer sheets under each armpit sure can’t make that same claim.

.7 fl. oz. Imported.