Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Broadway In Our Backyards

Just like our real age, wish-granting unicorns or anything that comes out of Mel Gibson’s mouth – it’s hard to believe that the AT&T Performing Arts Center is about to launch its second season of the Lexus Broadway Series. It seems like just yesterday we were wrapping the first season in swaddling clothes, pinching its cheeks and singing a well-choreographed “Coochie Coochie Coo!” dance number in celebration of the newborn AT&T Performing Arts Center.

But like they sing in “Sunrise, Sunset,” quickly go the days. And season tickets are already available for the second season, which launches on September 14, 2010, and once again the shows are so good, we may never go to Broadway again. (OK, that would make us cry.) We are, however, genuinely excited to have all these great shows coming our way, because we missed several in New York. Plus, our alternative entertainment – a worn-out VHS double-feature of the Murder, She Wrote series finale and Mega Piranha we keep showing at weekend dinner parties – is causing us to lose friends.

Thankfully, we now have these mega hits to look forward to.

Maybe It’s Maybelline
Blue Man Group
September 14 – 26, 2010

The greatest men-in-makeup show this side of La Cage Aux Folles kicks off the season. Blue Man Group is one of the craziest theater experiences we’ve ever had. (Well, next to that one time our grandma threw her panties at Lawrence Welk). It’s impossible not to have fun at a Blue Man show because it’s a feast for the senses, and we can’t help but wonder how much Noxema it takes for them to get all that blue stuff off their faces.

Roll, Roll, Roll In Zee Hay
Young Frankenstein
January 4-23, 2011

Mel Brooks’ comedy masterpiece, Young Frankenstein (that’s Frahn-kin-STEEN), gets a musical makeover in this vivid Technicolor version of the black-and-white classic. The musical numbers are hilarious and the dance numbers are as insanely inventive as you’d expect from the mind of Mr. Brooks and his team. Plus, our all-time favorite number, “Puttin’ on the Ritz” kills us every time.

Box Office Poison (Plus Whitesnake, Styx and Twisted Sister)
Rock of Ages
May 17-19, 2011

It’s always been an ordeal dragging our heavy-metal, hair-rock friends to the latest Rodgers & Hammerstein revival. No matter how much we liquor them up beforehand, they just can’t relate to the happy melodies that are part of our gay DNA. Well now, finally, they have a hit musical they can bang their heads to with pride. Rock of Ages features a mind-numbing blend of all the best ’80s tunes cranked all the way up. And now, thanks to this show, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang isn’t the only Speedwagon from the Broadway stage.

Dancing Queen
Billy Elliot
June 8 – July 3, 2011

Sure, Billy Elliot the character isn’t gay, but Billy Elliot the musical is pretty darn flaming. This fab journey of a young boy who wants to make his Gaga proud and just dance is a deeply touching, toe-tapping great time. Not only did it win ten Tony Awards, including Best Musical, it also won our hearts. For homework, make sure you’ve seen the original movie to get some of the tears out ahead of time. Then buy the musical soundtrack and learn all the words, because we know how much the people sitting next to you want to hear you sing along.

How The Grinch Got His Groove Back
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
December 7-12, 2010

That creepy, green guy everyone loves to hate is back to wreak havoc on Whoville for a musical romp in the Christmas classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This special add-on show is available to season subscribers first, so get bragging rights over your friends who have to wait for their tickets. Or better yet, convince them to get season subscriptions, too, so you’ll have people to hang out with in the lobby during intermission. Nothing makes a Who sadder than a Mo alone in the corner.

Subscription tickets are on sale now
Four-show, full-season, prime location Orchestra section subscriptions are available for as little as $283.00 including all service and handling fees