Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Make A Fist

Big Issue #1: We hate to sweat. Even when it’s because of a “fun activity,” let alone during actual exercise.

Big Issue #2: We hate to work out outside. We like air-conditioning and Judge Judy when we’re improving our cardiovascular fitness. So we guess that’s working “in” rather than working out. Whatev.

But we do exercise outside regularly thanks to a torture regimen boot camp we participate in to keep in shape. All of a sudden, we’re forced to face our Two Big Issues head-on. At 6:00 in the morning, no less.

So when we were sent a BEX Runner (Better Exercise Experience), we were skeptical, but hopeful. After all, how could something in the palm of our hand bring us enjoyment? But it did.

Inside the BEX Runner is a proprietary gel that stays cool for up to an hour (and if you’re running longer than that, well, you’re just plain crazy). The ingredients are non-toxic and biodegradable, too. So we were totally on board.

We ran an outdoor fitness trail the first time we used BEX Runner and even though we were still sweating like Target executives realizing how many gay shoppers they’re about to lose, the workout was definitely more pleasant than our previous run without it. The next time we ran, we tried it again. Same effect. Plus, it feels great to put it up to a hot forehead for a little extra cooling.

BEX Runner isn’t just for running, either, though the name may suggest otherwise. It’s also great to use when stretching, warming up and cooling down after exercise.

Perhaps our favorite feature, though, is the fact that wearing one of these helps keep our post-workout McFlurry icy cold from first bite to last. Now that’s a workout product we can endorse wholeheartedly.