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The Shirt Off Our Backs

Clothes may make the man, but there’s one brand that makes us want to make out with a man. And that’s Robert Graham.

Celebrated for his wild and colorful patterned shirts, Graham has a style that is immediately recognizable and imminently fashionable. You see sequined shorts, you think of Richard Simmons (perhaps after throwing up a little in your mouth, but you get the idea). A cone bra? Still Madonna, even after all these years. And a sexy little burlap robe? Why Mother Theresa, you rock it, girl!

Now, Robert Graham is the name we immediately think of any time we see a brightly colored, exquisitely tailored shirt. His style is so unique that even if the mass retailers try to knock it off, we all know better. Quality is something that can’t be faked.

We’ve been admirers of Graham’s for years, but it wasn’t until we received some samples of his latest line that we realized how truly superior these shirts really are. The cotton is thick, supple and receptive to the most vibrant colors imaginable. Plus, everything from the stitching to the overall construction is impeccably executed and expertly styled.

Best of all, these shirts are so versatile that they can be dressed up under a suit, paired with khakis for a business meeting, or worn with a sexy pair of jeans for a night out on the town. The last thing we encountered that versatile was on Grindr – and his name was Pepe. Oddly enough, we don’t remember what kind of shirt he was wearing.

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