Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Gay Man Walks Into A Bar

Sometimes, technology makes ordinary tasks more difficult than they were the “old fashioned” way. Take our all-time favorite useless products: The EZ Cracker; a $150 paper towel dispenser; or, because who hasn’t gotten exhausted rolling meatballs, this thing.

Yet sometimes, something comes along that truly makes life easier. That’s where the new Tabbed Out app comes in. It’s a drunk’s cocktail enthusiast’s dream come true.

Simply download the application (for iPhone or Android), enter in your preferred credit card information safely and securely, then head to a participating bar. Click the “Open Tab” button and you’re given a unique code that you show to the bartender to open your tab. At the end of the night, whether you’re still dancing on a table at the bar or at home curled up in your Snuggie, watching On the Road with Austin & Santino, you’re just a click away from settling your tab.

This means no leaving your credit card at a bar for the fifth time in three months. Detailed receipts are e-mailed to your designated account, so even the next morning when you can’t remember who brought you home or why your underwear is in the mailbox, you’ll at least know how many Long Island Iced Teas you actually consumed.

In Dallas, we’re lucky to be one of the first markets to get Tabbed Out and The New Brick & Joe’s is the first gay bar to embrace the technology. And as luck would have it, we’re hosting our monthly mixer there tomorrow night so you can try it out while you’re drinking Happy Hour-priced cocktails and wondering how to pay for a go-go boy with your iPhone (other than giving him your iPhone, that is).

The app is free, but there’s normally a 99¢ service charge to open a tab. For a limited time, however, download the app and your first three service charges will be free for new users.

Not since Grindr will there be so many men in one gay bar using the same app at the same time.

Download the app at www.tabbedout.com

And don’t miss tomorrow’s mixer at Brick & Joe’s.
Click here for details and to RSVP

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