Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Shady Deals

For years, we’ve been shopping at Zappos.com for shoes because of their huge variety and incredible customer service. But we’ve had such tunnel vision toward filling in the missing categories of our vast footwear collection that we didn’t even realize they carried our second-favorite accessory in the whole wide world: sunglasses!

It’s not all about the cheapest price at Zappos (though they do have great sales). Like the shoes, it’s really all about the enormous selection. In men’s styles, they have more than 2,700 designer styles. For women (we often browse in that department, too), more than 3,800! Right now, they even have nearly 700 styles on sale. We like sales.

But our favorite part about Zappos is their easy-going return policy. Not only do you have a full year to return something if you’re not happy, they even pay for return shipping. (Shipping your items to you is free, of course, as well.)

Summer is drawing to an end, but unlike swimsuits, great sunglasses are in season all year long.