Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Get Your Hands Off!

Before we let you read any further, you must promise us one thing up front. When you go and buy one of these sexy Bluetooth devices we’re about to praise (and we know you will), swear that under no circumstances will you wear them outside your car. If you must, it can only be while walking from Point A to Point B and there cannot be any people with you. Then, STEP AWAY FROM THE BLUETOOTH. Nothing is lamer than sporting a Bluetooth when you’re at a meeting, in a bar, or God forbid, sitting in a restaurant.

The preceding has been a message from M.A.D.D. (MOs Against Douchey Devices). You may now proceed to the rest of the story.

When we first saw the vast collection of Jawbone Icon Intelligent Headsets, we didn’t even care if they worked. They’re like miniature works of sculptural art, but as luck (and technology) would have it, they have amazing reception and voice quality.

Plus, they offer a variety of earpiece cushion sizes and other ways to completely customize the fit, whether you have dainty ears or were blessed with Martha Stewart-sized mudflaps.

A sexy little voice tells you how much talk time you have left at the push of a button. And better yet, even if you don’t like the pre-loaded little voice, you can select from other voices that more suit your fancy. We prefer The Hero just because he makes us laugh. And gets us a little tingly in our tummy. The voice you choose also announces incoming calls and other important notices, so you don’t risk driving off a cliff to check your Caller ID.

Just ask Oprah. If you’ve gotta use your phone in the car, make sure to use a hands-free device, or face her wrath (Oprah knows all). So while you’re making the Big O happy, why not please Tim Gunn while you’re at it and get a Bluetooth device that’s got a rockin’ sense of fashion, too?