Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Twelve Inches of Happiness

Let’s be honest. We’re not always the biggest fans of franchises, especially when it comes to restaurants. We prefer to patronize mom-and-mom and pop-and-pop businesses that have personality and distinctive service, as evidenced by our recent Gay List Deals launch.

Well, that concept was shattered the moment we walked into the new Subway on the Cedar Springs strip a couple months ago. It smelled like a Subway (the fresh bread gets us every time), tasted like Subway, but doesn’t look like a normal Subway.

There’s a large, pet-friendly patio area, as well as comfy sofas and chairs just inside the doors to create an intimate place to hang out and use the free Wi-Fi (many a Gay List story has been written from one of those chairs). The lighting is more subdued and sophisticated, and there are two flat-screen TVs, which provide a nice distraction from our nightmares daydreams of getting trapped inside Jared’s fat jeans.

We go almost exclusively for breakfast after our crack-o-dawn workouts, which is nice because it’s calm and quiet. And from a calorie and fat perspective, it’s one of the healthiest breakfasts around. (Our fave is the Egg White Western Melt on a Light Wheat English Muffin, just 160 calories and 4 grams of fat.)

One of the biggest differences in this Subway is the menu variety. They have options like scones and gourmet cookies that we’ve never seen at other Subway restaurants. Plus, you can get a healthy dose of fresh spinach on any item for no extra charge, another thing that many other franchises don’t offer. An expanded selection of teas even includes freshly brewed green teas on some days. We can only hope they add to their coffee selection and even more iced teas to complete that coffeehouse appeal during non-peak hours.

Most of all, we heart this Subway because it’s gay-owned (and Chet is just so friendly and cute!). And the staff is extremely friendly. One Sandwich Artist (we think that’s what they like to be called) even broke into song on a recent visit for everyone’s enjoyment. Can Subway Idol be far behind?

The other Subways in the area are just plain gross and we’d given up on the concept completely because of that, so we’re happy to have a clean, friendly alternative when we need a quick sandwich fix.

So rethink your view of franchises and help us welcome the newest tenant on the strip. They do a great after-hours business until 3:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, too, so avoid the deep-fried tacos from the drive thru and at least end your night of binging with something a little healthier – and support the community while you’re at it.

Subway Cedar Springs
3928 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas
(next door to Hunky’s)
(214) 520-3011