Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tude, Where’s My Shirt?

There are some things in this life that can only be said with a bumper sticker. Or a tee shirt.

We’re pretty bold and sassy, but it’s not like we’re ready to go into a biker bar and tell people everything about our personal lives. But there’s something empowering about telling the world your opinions in screen-printed cotton.

What, I’m gay? Oh yes, sorry, we forgot that’s what our shirt said today. But now that you bring it up, why yes we are! We love man booty a lot, thanks for inquiring!

Well, now there’s a brand new T-shirt company ready to help break the ice at your next church potluck. Teeswithtude.com just launched and they’re already off to a nice, sarcastic start. They’ve got ripped-from-the-headlines topical categories like Banks, BP and Palin, but we’re most excited to see their LGBT shirts (plus aprons, mouse pads and more) explode in popularity.

Right now, their LGBT shirts feature graphics like “Jesus Loves My Partner,” Uncle Sam declaring, “I Want You To Support Gay Marriage,” and our favorite, “I’ve Got The Gay.” (We were diagnosed with that one at age three and there’s no sign of remission, thank you very much).

The shirts are well made, so you know that you can speak your mind without fear of cracked screen printing, unwanted shrinkage, or that dreaded ring around the collar.

So when you’re ready to speak your mind, but maybe not with actual words, visit teeswithtude.com for their latest rant. It’s all the rage.