Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fetch Something Hip

It’s hard being a gay dog. Their two daddies or mommies treat them like children, dress ’em up like Toddlers & Tiaras freaks, and expect them to have all the same queer interests.

Well suck it up, Rover, you’re going to wear that Geisha outfit and make your daddies proud! But we’re also going to give you something fun to play with, too.

At Furry & Fabulous we’ve finally discovered a line of dog toys we can support. Not only are their products made from organic linen, natural cotton or plush, they’re designed with your dog (and doting gay parents) in mind. All the embroidered parts are soft and cuddly so no more Emergency Room visits to remove a set of plastic beaver eyes.

For the new puppy in your life, why not make your friends ooh and ahh over a plush baby bottle, rattle, teething ring or super-cute teddy bear? It’ll make the perfect addition to the giant “It’s A Beagle!” stork sign in your front yard.

In the Galactic Collection, there are two rainbow-themed plushees for the more activist-minded dogs in your life. They’re here, they’re queer – and most likely neutered.

But our favorite line has to be the Luxury Collection, which includes a champagne bottle, a surprisingly delicious-looking martini, a pair of plush pink sunglasses or a Furry & Fabulous black credit card. (Don’t you hate it when your dog has a better FICO score than you?)

Furry & Fabulous toys are available at great pet stores nationwide or online at their web store. But sorry, they only take human credit cards. The F&F Black isn’t good here.

Starting at $10.00/each