Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Abstract Alcoholism

Art and alcohol have always been a winning combination for us. In fact, all of our favorite artists are booze-related. Brandy Warhol. Roy Lichtenbeerstein. Salvodka Dali. Kendall-Jackson Pollock. Leonardo da Buttery Nipple.

So when we discovered BevShots, it was a revelation. The artistic geniuses over there have photographed all the most popular beers, wines and cocktails – under a microscope! The result is a cool, abstract piece of art that’s equal parts art and science. On the rocks.

You can pick your poison, so to speak, by searching for your libation of choice, or simply by color scheme for the room where your new masterpiece will hang.

Just like alcoholic beverages themselves, each photograph reveals some crazy shit. Scotch (pictured) is subdued and sophisticated, but watch out for that Margarita or Mexican Light Lager. Whoa!

Of course, a taste for the sauce ins’t mandatory to enjoy BevShots. They even have microscopic versions of Iced Tea and Cola for those of you who find yourself the designated driver in such artistic endeavors.

The options to customize are practically limitless. You can pick your shape and size, choose from print or canvas, and even select a floating or matted frame.

But most of all, BevShots are real conversation starters and uniquely beautiful. We’ll drink to that!