Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

What All The Cool iPads Are Wearing

You’ve just dropped a few hundred bucks on an iPad and now you’re afraid to take it out. Not only is it naked, it just might get scratched. Or bullied. Or worse yet, some Lookie Loo might actually touch it and get their icky DNA all over the thing.

We understand. We’ve been there. Thankfully, we like our iPad to be as fashionable as we are. And in the ultimate nerdy-gay manner, we have a protective case for every outfit possibility. After all, color coordination is often the most overlooked – yet vitally essential – aspect of technology.

So M-Edge is one of our favorite places to grab a case (or sixty) that serve every possible function we can think of. There’s a slim one that’s great for travel (and fabulous in pink); one just right for reading your favorite e-book on the beach (at least you can keep sand out of your iPad’s cracks); or, one that holds your iPad in a full upright position (for those long plane flights when you’re just too emotionally fragile from that screaming child next to you to actually hold your iPad yourself).

There are a bunch of other options, each with unique features and great fabric choices, too. So feel free to browse.

M-Edge even has cases for other e-readers, but really, who has one of those? If you do, though, these guys can make even those also-rans hip and fashionable, too.