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The Greatest Shave Under The Sun

We’ve told you how much we love to camp. Yeah, right.

The great outdoors is not our best friend by any means. But you never know when we’ll be forced to live off the land, have an emergency stubble situation on the subway, or get cast on Survivor. In each scenario, we’d want to look our best, but until now shaving required water.

EZ Waterless Shave is the answer to our dry shave problems. It’s eco-friendly, too, because those of us who shave six times a day use a lot of water. But we were surprised at how easily the razor glided over our skin without a drop of good ol’ H2O. It can make the razor kind of goopy, so true confessions, we still used a tad of water to rinse, but we still used a ton less water.

The lotion is filled with emollients that minimize the risk for nicks and bumps, and the citrus scent is light and invigorating. It’s not tested on animals, which we appreciate, and it’s also free of preservatives, petroleum and other nasty ingredients.

So next time you think running water will be a luxury you won’t have (and we’re so sorry for you already), make sure to pack some EZ Waterless Shave (and a razor) so you can at least appear civilized in even the roughest, third-world conditions.