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Healthy Skin To Go

Just because your hotel offers you complimentary bath products, doesn’t always mean you should use them.

Sure, it’s probably our fault that we broke out in welts after using that bottle cleverly labeled in hand-written Sharpie: “Soap for face” at the Interstate 33 Motor Court in West Virginia, but in our defense, we’re a trusting soul.

Ever since, we always travel stocked with our own trunk full of products because even our five-star excursions sometimes lack the quality we deserve desire. However, now that airlines are charging so much for bags, we’re having to cut back on the poundage of our facial regimen.

Skin Authority has always been one of our favorite brands, but now that they have their top-selling products in money-saving GO! Packs, we can be sure that even on our yearly pilgrimage to the birthplace of the Chimichanga, we’ll still look fab. And Skin Authority products help slow down those unwanted signs of aging at the same time.

The GO! PLAY kit includes daily cleanser, lip therapy, a tri-power peptide hydrator and a daily-use SPF 30 moisturizer.

The GO! GORGEOUS kit features daily cleanser, a resurfacing accelerator, the tri-power peptide hydrator and daily-use SPF 30 moisturizer.

The GO! CLEAR kit brings together the daily cleanser, an acne and oil control, and the good ol’ tri-power peptide hydrator and daily-use SPF 30 moisturizer.

Each of these combos would cost $68 if the items were purchased separately, but by getting them in a cute little to-go package, you save $16 and have one handy box with everything you need.

One kit lasted us on a seven-day vacation with product still left over and for once, our skin looked even healthier when we returned home. Well, except for the bags under our eyes from that final night of partying. But they haven’t come up with a skin product in the world strong enough to handle that action.

$52 per GO! Kit