Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Drop Your Drawers

We’ve been digging through our underwear closet (yes, we have too many pairs for one mere drawer – it’s an obsession we can’t control) in attempt to find our single nastiest pair of underwear.

And by nasty, we mean the ones with holes, stretched-out elastic, or that one pair that represents everything that’s wrong with the world.

Not only is it therapeutic to purge all those outdated styles (who wants to be seen in last season’s tightie whities?), we can also win a year’s supply from one of our favorite new designer underwear brands: Todd & Terry. This is underwear so fashion-forward it makes us want to walk around with our pants on the ground. Well, more than we already do.

The styles are sexy, but it’s the fabrics that have us more excited than our first pair of Scooby-Doo Underoos. The patterns are vibrantly colored and graphic in a groovy retro way. We’ve turned (and raised) more than a few heads in the locker room when we pop these babies on.

Though it’s not in our best interest to increase our competition for 24 pairs of free underwear, we feel it’s only right to give you the chance to strut your stuff in something that wasn’t given to you by your grandma in 1997. Simply send Todd & Terry a photo of your most tragic pair of underwear (either on or off) and register online before September 30, 2010. The 20 best-of-the-worst entries will be selected and posted online on October 4 when the voting is opened up to the public. It’s that easy. Just go to the site for all the details.

But don’t wait for the postman to ring twice with your 24-pack of undies. Get a few pairs now for just $15.50 each. We promise, you’re going to love this brand. And you’re really going to love all the attention you get when you wear it.