Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Is That A Deer In Your Pants?

Um, excuse us, but your zipper’s down. And you may want to do something about that snake sticking out of it. No, that’s not our usual euphemism generator working overtime, we’re talking about a real cobra. Or majestic buck. Or raging ram.

There’s a party in our pants, and this time it’s a full-on safari. And that’s all thanks to the vivid imagination and artistic skill of Ryder Richards. Our good friends over at Ro2 Art are in the midst of their “No Rhyme or Reason” group art show and they’ve added in works from Richards this past week and we just can’t get enough.

His works explore masculinity and are at once provocative, humorous and just a little bit kinky. At least that’s what we see in his latest group of works, entitled “Trajectory.”

The artist, on the other hand, said in a recent interview that it’s more about the “complicated relationship about admiration and the bittersweet nature of fulfillment.” Whatever. Like he knows more about his art than we do.

No matter, we still love his work and can’t take our eyes off the imagery of various animals (or in some cases shotguns) as substitute for the subject’s manhood. But he’s just one of nearly three dozen artists in the group show at Ro2. When you’ve had enough drinking, parading and partying before, during or after Pride Weekend, there’s nothing like a little art and culture to cleanse your mental palate.

No Rhyme or Reason: Ro2 Art Group Show
Through September 23, 2010
Ro2 Art
Thursday – Saturday, Noon – 6:00 p.m., other times by appointment
1514 Commerce Street, Dallas