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Show Off Your Slix Pack

It’s time the truth is finally told: exercising is all about the outfit.

Working out has everything to do with fashion, and really nothing to do with living a healthier life if you ask us. In fact, we spend so much time (and money) trying to turn heads at the gym that we often neglect what’s going on under our perfect health club ensemble. And that can lead to some nasty things.

There was that one time we totally forgot underwear altogether. We thought we were minding our own business jumping rope in the far corner of the aerobics studio, but evidently not. The manager came to inform us that we people were complaining about our “floppiness.” Most people get in trouble for talking on their phones on the treadmill, but no, we get reprimanded for a little unfortunate bouncing.

We’ve also tried jockstraps to keep things in place, but that never works out either. Because once we’re doing exercising, all we can think of is recreating this. And that really freaks out the straights in the locker room.

But then we tried The Closer from Slix. Made of the finest natural Cationic Polyester (81%) and Elastane (19%), this boxer brief not only breathes, it wicks away moisture from your body. The fit is great and even the pouch is vented for added temperature control and comfort.

Unlike other briefs, the Slix model moves with the contours of your body. The wick-away effect also eliminates the need for powdering those easy-to-chafe area because nothing’s more embarrassing than somebody slapping you on the ass and a big puff of white smoke comes out the back. It’s like that Icelandic Ash Cloud from earlier this year, only made of baby powder.

The Closer from Slix is comfortable enough for everyday use under ordinary clothing, but we prefer it for those long runs on the beach, an exhilarating bike ride or just a few minutes of intense cardiovascular activity.

It’s how we roll.