Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Blaze A Trail

Our lesbian friends are always bugging us to write about butcher products. And we don’t mean meat cleavers and bone saws. We mean products that are more butch and less prissy gay. (Can we help it that we have an eye for the prettier things in life?)

Well, ladies (and our dear outdoorsy gentlemen), this one’s for you. We were sent a pair of Kuru shoes recently and at first, we didn’t quite know what to think. You see, if our footwear doesn’t begin with a Prrrrr and end with an “ada,” quite frankly it’s like looking at Sasquatch sitting side-saddle on a unicorn, hand-in-hand with an open-minded Republican and galloping onto a spaceship.

But as luck would have it, we were on our way out of town for one of our camping adventures to New Mexico. So we made it a point to pack up our Kurus and head for the hills. And you know what? It was the most pleasant hike we think we’ve ever been on. Sure, we stopped about a quarter mile in and spread out our blanket, candles and portable iPod speaker system for an impromptu afternoon wine and cheese tasting. But in our defense, the wine was screw top, and that’s about as butch as we get on these outings.

Hand to God, though, the shoes are surprisingly comfy and far more stylish than that awful brand that begins with Crrrrr and ends with “ocks.” Looks aside, Kuru shoes feature the world’s most anatomical mid sole available. There’s shock-absorbing foam in the heel that lasts for the life of the shoes. And each pair offers orthotic quality support, too, so you could dance with the stars if you wanted to.

There’a variety of men’s and women’s styles for a vast array of indoor/outdoor activities, but for us the Cirque MajorBrown was simply fantastic. You might even catch us wearing them on weekends to the grocery store, Chinese takeout or neighborhood petting zoo – they’re that comfortable.

So next time somebody tells you to take a hike, make sure you tell them, “Not without my Kurus!”