Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gays Of Our Lives

It’s the same scene over and over again. We’re at Walgreens, picking up condoms, chocolate-covered cherries and hearing aid batteries when we remember that we have a lesbian wedding a week later.

So we pop over to the greeting card display to find the perfect card with two women golfing or building a deck. Out of luck.

So we end up pulling out the construction paper and glitter to fashion something that can perfectly express our wishes on this joyous occasion. It serves its purpose, but we always feel like we’re being judged for our inappropriate craftiness.

Well, now we have a solution with Muffin Mouth Press, a company that started when its owner had similar difficulties finding the right card for “alternative” events. He’s developed an entire line, including cards for same-sex weddings (pictured), sympathy cards for someone who’s just lost a partner, and Pride cards (who doesn’t send out cards before the big parade?).

They’re simple, sophisticated and perfect for those hard-to-shop-for occasions. Blank on the inside, we can still wax poetic and make each card personal, but the quality recycled paper and soy ink printing makes the cards look a tad more professional than the colorful, hand-made messes we used to create. A portion of proceeds is donated to the Pediatric AIDS Foundation, too, so that’s an added incentive.

Next time you care enough to send the very gayest, make sure you have plenty of Muffin Mouth Press cards on hand. And step away from the glitter.