Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pedi Or Not, Here We Come

Hate to admit it, but we’ve been known to get the occasional chop-shop mani-pedi. You know, the $30 combo at Very Pretty Happy Nail. The service is fast, but the place smells like a chemical explosion and we think that’s where we picked up our last strain of the flesh-eating herp.

So when we heard about Hiatus Spa’s signature Mani-Pedi Retreat, we jumped at the chance to receive an upgrade. Oprah may be living her best life, but we’ll settle for living our best mani-pedi.

The whole experience starts out with selection of the Aveda aromatherapy oil you’ll be enjoying for the next 90 minutes. Then comes a relaxing foot wash before settling into an anti-gravity chair (just like the astronauts’ salon on the international space station!). A warm, scented eye mask and neck wrap are put into place, and for many people, that will be the last thing that’s remembered.

We came close to falling asleep, but we had to stay awake to make sure we weren’t touched inappropriately by the esthetician (we’ve seen 20/20 before, we know what can happen). Our near-nap happened several times. It could’ve been the soft music. Or maybe the leg massage. Or the wonderful scalp massage. Probably a little of each, come to think of it.

So if you need a break in your day, skip lunch and splurge on the Hiatus Mani-Pedi Retreat. At least when all is said and done, you’ll walk away with some really pretty nails. And maybe Neil Armstrong’s autograph.

$100 for non-members
$59 – $69 for members
Click here for details on joining Hiatus Spa’s money-saving H-Circle

Hiatus Spa
Inwood Village
5560 West Lovers Lane, Suite 250, Dallas
(214) 352-4111

Mixer Tomorrow!
Tomorrow night we're co-hosting a fabulous mixer with Black Tie Dinner at Ghostbar. If you're all about Foursquare, you'll be all about this mixer, too. We're working for an extra special “Swarm” badge, and maybe even the “Super Swarm!”

Also, we're helping those who are still on the fence about going to this year's Black Tie Dinner find fun, friendly tablemates.

Gay List Daily/Black Tie Dinner “Swarm”
Wednesday, September 22, 6-9 p.m.
Ghostbar at the W Hotel, Victory Park
More info & RSVP on Facebook