Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

From Russia With Love

Here we are, relaxing in a rooftop pool overlooking the ocean in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the home of world-famous tequila. So we figured it only made perfect sense to taste-test Russia’s best-selling vodka and give our livers a nice change of pace.

First off, Putinka is a fun name to say, and used with the right intonation, it sounds like a great new dirty word. “Get your finger out of our Putinka,” we said last night at the strip club. Well, just to the old guy who was a little past his go-go prime. Mario, on the other hand, can do whatever he wants with our Putinka.

But we digress. Putinka is available in the States now in Classic, Soft and Limited Edition. Each variety is subtly different from the other, but all are refined, clean and crisp.

We simply squeezed a fresh lime in glass and drank it on the rocks. Most vodkas take a little time to breathe before sipping, but this one was smooth from the start. And no hangover the next morning, either.

The Classic and Soft are distilled five times, the Limited Edition eight. It’s that attention to detail and quality that make it clear why Putinka has been named the National Vodka of Russia. And Russians, like the gays, know their vodka.

Ask for Putinka by name at your favorite liquor store (and try not to giggle). If they don’t have it yet, they should have it soon. Trust us, it’s worth the wait.

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