Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pocket Protector

As this whole eco movement gains further momentum, we’re getting the benefit of better quality and more innovation. All of the grocery totes we carry are made of recycled water bottles. The paper for our printer is almost entirely post-consumer content. And on days when we’re really tired, our jokes are up to 50% recycled material. (It’s our way of giving back to the earth.)

But there’s one recycled category we never thought we’d be on board with, and that’s apparel. Because really, who wants a shirt made from old soda cans or underwear from used tires?

Well, when we got our first Holstee shirt we changed our tune. The company makes several products, but we want to focus on their t-shirt designs. One of our favorites is the Rubiks Tee (pictured). It and two other styles feature a clever zipper pocket that’s great for holding a wallet, mobile phone or six-pack of condoms for that long night out on the town.

Each shirt is made of jersey fabric from 100% recycled polyester made from plastic bottles and industrial scraps. And you know what? They’re remarkably soft, breathable and super cute. The fit is pleasantly form-fitting (we hates us a boxy t-shirt with “short” sleeves that go down to our elbows) and the shirts are made, cut and sewn right here in the good ol’ USA.

And, like any responsible business, Holstee donates 10% of each sale to help give impoverished entrepreneurs a chance to succeed through micro-lending programs. We get a great fashion piece and somebody else gets a chance at a better life. Seems like more than a fair trade to us.

Shirts start at just $20