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Cremo The Crop

Image credit: Laguna Beach Magazine
Image credit: Laguna Beach Magazine

We’ve written about a lot of shaving cream brands over the years, but none that are being run by a former male fashion model. Kyle Schroeder (pictured, left) left his Zoolander days behind him and co-founded Cremo Cream with Mike Boone, but his good looks are just one of the reasons we’ll buy his product. Doesn’t Kyle just look like one of those hot guys from a shaving commercial? [sigh]

But the real hero in this story is the formula for Cremo Cream. It’s so silky and creamy that it’s tempting to taste a little bit just to make sure it’s not a delectable dessert. (We can confirm, it’s not.) It does, however, provide an incredibly close shave. That’s because there is no air in Cremo Cream, unlike most products on the market. It is nothing but essential ingredients selected specifically for their unique benefits.

And the best part, one tube lasts a really long time. The tube says 60 days, but we’ve had one last even longer than that. (But that’s probably because we’re lazy on the weekends and like to Grizzly Adams out, so shaving’s not always a priority).

But when we do break out the razor, Cremo Cream is going into our permanent collection of facial products. And we’ll just pretend Kyle is standing behind us in the mirror, cheering us on.

$7.99, Men’s or Women’s formula

Buy Cremo Cream from Walgreens.com and get free shipping with a $25 purchase. A full list of national retailers is also available at www.cremocream.com.