Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

First Class Travel — Even In Coach

There aren’t that many things to look forward to in air travel these days. From the Night of the Living Hag flight attendants and cramped seats to the coin-operated tray tables and by-the-minute reclining fees, getting there is no longer half the fun.

We find it incredibly difficult to sleep on airplanes anyway, but forget even trying with one of their scratchy blankets and disease-ridden steel-wool pillows. But our in-flight insomnia was before we ventured in to Texas’ only Duxiana store (in Preston Center) and discovered their super-sassy travel pillow, complete with deluxe carrying case and a gold tassel that just screams, “Leave us alone, bitches, we’re bringing luxury to steerage class!”

Each 16” x 20” foldable pillow is made from luxurious white goose down and comes with an ivory or white sateen pillow case. The pillow easily molds and forms to your position, which is far superior to those inflatable horseshoe travel pillows that smell like petroleum.

What we were surprised to find out is that we loved the pillow so much after our flight, we used it our entire vacation. No mystery hotel pillows against this precious face any more. We took it to the beach. And we even used it during a massage so we didn’t have to put our mug on that weird massage-table donut and get up with Massage Wrinkles from Hell.

There’s also a 2010 Duxiana Breast Cancer Awareness travel pillow in pink (or white with pink stitch). Purchase one of those and they’ll donate $10 to the Bridge Breast Network.

To be sure, the pillow isn’t cheap, but for the comfort and knowledge that the only cooties on it are ours, we’d pay just about anything. And besides, it’s cheaper than two cocktails and a can of Lay’s Stax on the plane.

Duxiana Dallas
6134 Berkshire Lane, Dallas
To order via phone or e-maill: 1-888-2-DUXIANA or duxiana@aol.com.