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Off The Cuff

Fahrvergnügen Hootenanny. Titicaca. Some words are just plain fun to say. And that’s just one of the many reasons we love ChickeeBoom.

Repeat it several times in a row and it just gets better. Sure, we used to think ChickeeBoom was the website of our dreams: an Internet community dedicated to the dying art of poultry explosion.

Alas, when we finally went to the site, we instead discovered it was an online designer jewelry boutique for women. But it had such cool stuff that made fantastic gifts for our mom, sister and favorite girlfriend that we had a totally easy, one-stop gift-giving experience last Christmas for the XX-chromosome people on our list.

But the more we bought, the more jealous we became. And even though we’re not afraid of our feminine side, as ChickeeBoom’s tagline says, this is some seriously girlie stuff and we really didn’t think we could pull off a dangly necklace at work, even on Cross-Dressing Fridays.

So we asked the owner to keep us informed if she ever started creating any men’s fashion accessories. She’s a huge fan of Gay List Daily, so she got to designing new items in her studio. A few weeks ago, she gave us the exclusive scoop on a brand new ChickeeBoom line that’s right up our alley. It’s called per•so•na, and it’s all about items that celebrate individuality with a sassy sense of humor in many cases.

The line is great for men or women because it features thick, genuine leather cuffs, adorned with 99.9% fine silver that can be hand-fired with a variety of stock phrases. The cuffs are available in .5”, 1” and 1.25” widths and feature two snap closures spaced apart for those of us with daintier wrists and the men in our lives with a little more meat on their bones.

We have several of the cuffs already and like to wear different ones depending on our mood each morning. Bitch. Diva. Proud. WWJD, which we think stands for What Would Judy Do?, but we can’t be sure. (Unfortunately, we seem to be wearing the Bitch cuff more and more lately. Just ask our boyfriend.)

Our favorite part about these ChickeeBoom cuffs, though, is that they can be completely customized with just about anything you want: your name, your best friend’s name, even a company logo or favorite thing (martini glass anyone?). Just contact ChickeeBoom directly and they’ll get you an exact quote for what the design or phrase you want. The price is just slightly higher than the standard phrases already available.

So click your heals together and chant it with us, “ChickeeBoom! ChickeeBoom! ChickeeBoom!” Just don’t blame us if a nearby chicken spontaneously combusts.

Cuffs start at $30

Exclusive Offer for Gay List Subscribers. Enter Coupon Code “gaylist” for 20% off your entire ChickeeBoom Order. Offer expires October 31, 2010.