Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Renée Rouleautox

Over the years, we’ve been waxed, sugared, plucked, poked, shaken, rubbed, vacuumed, brushed, threaded, scrubbed, filed and washed – all in the name of better hygiene.

Oh, whom are we kidding. It’s all for trying to slow and reduce the appearance of our true age. (We just turned 76 and have the abs of a 19-year-old gymnast and the skin of a six-month-old’s butt, for the record.)

The only things that have given us pause are plastic surgery, liposuction and Botox Cosmetic. Well, now we can scratch that last one off our Nip/Tuck-it List.

Frankly, we’d always been afraid of it after being surprised to see post-Botox friends who looked, well, surprised. Like Freddy Krueger Jumping From The Bushes surprised. We didn’t, and don’t, want to try anything unless the outcome looks completely natural. And because we trust Renée Rouleau 100% (and because we hoped one of her Rouleau Beaus) would be there to comfort us while we were being injected), we accepted her invitation to go under the needle and try her latest cosmetic service.

Renée has hired a nurse, Laurie Wood, R.N., who also works for a plastic surgeon, to actually administer the Botox. She has seven years’ experience with the product and let’s just say she’s quite the Wrinkle-Removal Artiste. We went in to get some forehead lines reduced and rather than pump us full of Bobo all at once, she recommended two separate sessions because her experience has taught her that too much at one time can cause those odd-looking results we were so desperately trying to avoid. The injections sting for only a micro-second and there was absolutely no down time or pain (but we did convince our boyfriend to share a Vicodin just in case).

Renée’s focus right now is on first-time users who’ve previously had the same fears that we did, but we’re confident frequent users will be highly impressed with her approach, too.

We’re so excited with our own results that we can now empathize with the people who take it too far because if a little is this good, then surely a lot will be better, right? Wrong. And Renée and Nurse Laurie are here to make sure you don’t overindulge and leave looking like this.

So, as we sit here able to move our eyebrows, blink our eyes and wake up each morning to a younger-looking person in the mirror (and not the one standing behind us who needed a place to stay the night), we’re anxiously awaiting our next appointment. And Renée, if you’re reading this, we’re serious about the bedside hunk we requested. Make it happen, Babe.

$13.50 per unit (number of units based on specific areas and individual needs)
Botox Cosmetic procedures by appointment only.

One Arts Plaza
1722 Routh Street, Suite 113, Dallas
(214) 735-4364

4025 Preston Road, Suite 606, Plano
(972) 378-6655