Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Here, Kitty Kitty

We haven’t liked something Scottish this much since, well, Scotch on the Rocks. But we’ve always enjoyed singer/songwriter KT Tunstall and her folksy, bluesy indie rock vibe. Besides, how can anybody not like Suddenly I See? That would be like hating puppies, rainbows or Betty White.

We’ve never been rabid fans or anything, but we’ve always liked everything we’ve ever heard from her. We first became aware of her when she posed for a photo wearing rainbow suspenders. Immediately, people began speculating that she’s a lesbian. Well, she’s never come out as gay, but she has expressed her deepest gratitude for her GLBT fan base as a result of the media attention. And that’s good in our book.

Her third studio album, Tiger Suit, hits stores tomorrow and it’s filled with catchy tunes, most of them in a peppy-but-laid-back style that puts us in a good mood without pumping up our adrenaline too much. (Our baboon heart can’t take it.)

Our favorite song from the whole thing is Glamour Puss, which has an infectiously catchy beat and a whistle refrain that we just can’t get out of our heads. Plus, the lyrics reference riding a motorocycle through a hula-hoop, drinking tequila and wearing high heel shoes. If we didn’t like the song so much, we’d sue Ms. Tunstall for stalking us the past three years of our lives because those are three of our all-time favorite things. Creepy, huh?

The entire album is utterly hummable and delightful from start to finish. It’s already in our iPod and has accompanied us to the beach, on the treadmill and chilling in a bubble bath. Versatile!

Check out a preview here by clicking Play on the boom box. We think you’ll agree that KT’s got it going on and we hope she’s a tiger on the charts, as well.

“Tiger Suit” releases tomorrow, October 5