Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sharin’ And Karen

It’s always the sweet, wholesome ones who have the darkest secrets. And singer Karen Carpenter’s were about as pitch-black as they come.

Well, until they discover our inner demons, then watch out! A Karen Carpenter-Michael Jackson-Anna Nicole Smith Jurassic Park-style hybrid couldn’t possibly compete with the skeletons in our walk-in closet. But enough about us. Besides, we shouldn’t make things too easy for Kitty Kelley to finally track us down.

Texas-based writer, Randy Schmidt, brings his lifelong love of Karen Carpenter and her music to the pages of a vivid new biography with unprecedented access to her innermost circle of friends, associates and romantic partners. (God help us when they track all of our tricks and treats.)

Little Girl Blue is a quick and fascinating read because Schmidt puts his fan hat down in exchange for his undercover reporter cap to present the life of Carpenter in unflinching, devastating detail – index fingers and all. The story of her triumphs and tragedies reads like a novel, which we appreciate, because some biographies can be so tedious we never get past the third page chapter. And a book’s got to be good to tear us away from current-day drama like Real Housewives, you know.

The beach-read days are behind us (except for our Gay List Daily Equator Edition subscribers), so pick up a copy of Little Girl Blue and curl up by the fire, in a hayloft or sitting in a pumpkin patch – you know, all those autumnal things we like to do. Even if you’ve never heard of Karen Carpenter (twinks, we’re speaking to you), we’re sure you’ll find this to be a book you simply can’t put down.

Little Girl Blue, $26.95