Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Jumpin’ Juniper Berries

Gin, as alcohols go, has a very rich history. We always think of gin as a characteristically English spirit, even though its origins trace back to Holland or Italy, depending on whom you ask.

So let’s just say when we heard of an American-made gin, we had our doubts. After all, sometimes things don’t translate well when taken from one country to another. But then we stopped overanalyzing because this is just booze we’re talking about. Not Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Our first encounter with Bluecoat American Dry Gin was the sight of the gorgeous blue bottle. We pay close attention to design because we like to take our favorite empty liquor bottles and repurpose them for cooking by filling them with olive oil, extra-virgin olive oil and canola oil, the three we use most often. We immediately know that the vodka bottle is one type of oil, the tequila bottle another, and now that we have this stunning gin bottle, we can branch out and finally add sesame or avocado oil to our countertop. Eat your heart out, Ina!

But we have to drink the contents of the bottle before it can become the home to a new liquid. And we’re pleased to say that this is one bottle that wasn’t a chore to empty. It made for an absolute perfect Gin and Tonic, as well as a great on-the-rocks sipper.

The flavors are robust, yet smooth. Organic juniper berries provide the prominent flavor, but there’s also a nice blend of citrus and botanical notes that change depending on what you mix it with (or how many glasses you drink in one sitting). Made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bluecoat is craft distilled, giving it a purity and complexity of character that many brands lack.

So if you’re a fan of gin, seek out Bluecoat. Because “Made in the USA” means you can drink it with pride. And a big ol’ hamburger.

$29.99 for 750 ml
Check the website for places to purchase online or ask for it by name at your local liquor store