Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tower Of Power

We’ve always been told that big things come in small packages, but it usually refers to the egos of the Pocket Gays in our lives. Well now, that old adage is truer than ever thanks to a brand-new line of portable speaker systems from Franklin Electronic Publishers that packs a ton of power into a very small size.

First of all, we love the name: ROADIE. It brings back fond memories of red Solo cups filled with margaritas. You know, for those long college classes with dull professors.

But this ROADIE tends to keep us awake rather than lull us to sleep. The powerful three-part system consists of a base speaker, which is USB powered with a built-in microphone for VoIP and it plugs into any audio device, such as a mobile phone, iPod, computer or just about anything with an earphone jack.

The second layer includes a rechargeable battery, an SD card slot and a MP3 player so you can listen to your favorite tunes with the need for a separate audio device.

An on top, there’s an equalizer and a high-frequency tweeter. They stack together like high-tech Legos. And you can purchase the unit in three combinations: Bottom only, Bottom and Middle, and what we like to think of as a Mobile Ménage à Trois: Bottom, Middle and Top.

Unless you’re scared of thunderous sound that before now was limited to low-riders with trunks full of subwoofers, we recommend getting all three units in combination for the best audio experience.

The sound is absolutely amazing. We compared it to a larger portable sound system that cost us four times the price and this one beat it by a long shot. The secret is that the unit turns any hard, flat surface into a speaker itself, so the sound is incredibly robust. Our kitchen counter is now our new favorite disco. We just haven’t figured out a way to keep the go-go boys off the stove.

The ROADIE just hit the market last week, so be among the first to get this fabulous device. Because the only thing we like more than having cool gadgets is having them before all of our friends.

ROADIE EVS-2000 (bottom only): $49.99
ROADIE EVS-3000 (bottom and middle): $79.99
ROADIE EVS-4000 (all three modules): $99.99