Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Birds Of A Feather

If there’s one thing we like, it’s standing out from the crowd – even when we’re blending in.

Sometimes, there’s nothing more appropriate for a casual night out than jeans and a polo shirt. That’s Preppy 101. Plus, polos look really good on us because they accentuate our muscular biceps and one-pack abs. But everybody else has shirts adorned with little horseys or alligators, so we went on the hunt for something a little different.

That’s when we discovered Evan Sterling. His collection is very limited, but we fell in love with his polo designs, especially the one pictured above with two birds carrying away his logo and another breaking free on the collar, heading south for winter we presume.

Besides the cool design, we just like the fit. They’re nicely tapered on the sides for a slimming effect and the short sleeves are actually short and fitted, unlike baggy straight men’s polos that go down to the elbows and look like they’re hiding a late-term pregnancy and a man boob or two.

These are comfortable, 100% Pima cotton and we’ve washed ours several times without shrinkage. (The secret is low-heat drying and singing Kelly Clarkson ballads really softly in the direction of the dryer. French-kissing the Bounce dryer sheets is optional.)

Evan Sterling has some cool t-shirts and items for women, too. But right now, our heart goes aflutter for his little birdie polos. Fly away, little birds!