Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ding Dong, Big Tex Is Dead

The great State Fair of Texas may be over, but we’re not quite ready to put away our elastic buffet pants, sauce-splatter smock and Pepto-Bismol IV drip. We’ve still got plenty of eatin’ left to do! Thankfully, Taste of Greenville Avenue (TOGA) is this Saturday and we’re already practicing our sucking-in exercises.

But it’s not just us. Even Mayor Tom Leppert is excited (he’ll be there at 11:45 to present a proclamation designating Saturday as “Taste of Greenville Avenue Day.”) So join us for a day’s worth of food and live music in the beautiful fall weather and laugh at all the adults who thought face paint was a good idea.

TOGA 2010 is free and takes place between the 5700 blocks of Richmond Avenue and Prospect Avenue, just 150 feet from Greenville Avenue. A portion of the proceeds benefits Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson Elementary School PTA programs, as well as the Woodrow Wilson High School Marching Band. This one time, in band camp…

Participating restaurants include Gay List faves like The Grape, Texadelphia, Bliss Raw Café, Desperado’s and The Libertine, plus about 25 more. The best part is that unlike the fair, menu items here are just $2, $4 and $6. That’s a lot more eating for a lot less money.

So join us for one last gastronomic hurrah. Because after this we’re not going to eat again – until Sunday.

Taste of Greenville Avenue
Saturday, October 23, 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
469-777-TOGA (8642)
For a complete list of participants and a schedule of live music, go to www.tasteofgreenvilleavenue.com

Parking Information: Neighborhood parking restrictions similar to St. Patrick’s Day will be in effect all day Saturday in the Lower Greenville residential area around the TOGA event. Lone Star Valet will manage and secure nearly 1,000 parking spaces for TOGA guests, charging just $3 per car ($1 goes to TOGA’s school support fund). Detailed parking can be found on the TOGA website.