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Flippin’ Awesome

History is littered with the remains of great love affairs gone asunder. Adam and Eve. Romeo and Juliet. Snooki and Emilio.

And now after hundreds of hours in bed together, divulging our deepest secrets and wildest dreams, not to mention being nearly inseparable wherever we go, we’re about to end one of the most serious relationships of our life. Yes, we’re about to call it off with our iPad. Not because we want to, but as we mentioned back in September, Apple only loaned us one for three months so that we could share with our readers all the great things it can do.

Well, it’s due back to Apple headquarters next week and wouldn’t you know it, just as we were coming to terms with our imminent separation, a friend tells us about the Flipboard app. This is one we’re really going to miss and only wish we’d discovered sooner. Well, that and Angry Birds.

With Flipboard, all the information we download on a regular basis is housed in one easy-to-use, extremely sexy application. All the tweets of people we follow on Twitter (including the most recent stories on Gay List Daily) are presented in a gorgeous, magazine-like layout. Our Facebook Wall turns into a page-turning saga of photos, videos and our friends’ whereabouts and goings-on. Why read The Girl With a Dragon Whatever when we’ve got Greg S. discussing his 3.5-hour IKEA adventure or the tabloid photos of Saint Michael Jackson shared by Robert C.? And Christine F. is calling it an early night because she’s sick. We’re sure there’s something exciting behind that!

You can quickly reply, like or share just about anything with everyone in your social networks all from one place. No wonder they’re touting this as a “social magazine.” It truly is tailored to your favorite things. Well, at least based on the friends you keep and the sources you choose to follow for news and entertainment.

It’s going to be hard returning to regular old Facebook and Twitter after this, but alas, that’s what we’ll be doing in just a few short days. But until then, we’re going to explore travel destinations with FlipTrip, get our daily dose of laughter from The Onion and catch up with the latest food stories from Bon Appetit – all from a single screen.

Then it’s back to newspapers and laptops for us. But don’t cry for us, ’tis better to have lived and loved an iPad for three months than to have never had an iPad at all. And as Dick Cheney always says, ’tis WAY better to be Flipboarded than waterboarded.

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