Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Forget Candy, Give Head This Halloween

All the way back in 2004, a little animated video on JibJab.com called This Land became an Internet sensation as it skewered the candidates of the Presidential election, pointing out all of Bush’s stupidities while showcasing John Kerry’s fly dance moves. It went viral and joined the esteemed ranks of Dancing Baby before it, and I’m F@cking Matt Damon since. Today, they’re all tops in the unofficial Viral Video Hall of Fame – in our mind.

Since then, the creative types at JibJab have created a bunch of great original videos, but also some of the best video and photo e-greetings we’ve ever seen. Utilizing the latest technology, their site allows you to upload photos of your head (and the heads of your friends and families) to create freakishly funny videos to share. This Halloween, they’ve created five “Starring You” videos like Halloween Rap and Monster Mash, both of which are totally free.

Or you can join JibJab for just twelve bucks a year and send anything you want, including the other Halloween videos, Frankenstein in a Minute (frankin’ hilarious), Zombie Party, or Night of the Living Deadish.

Anything from JibJab is a sure way to put a smile on someone’s face this Halloween. We recommend sending a personalized animated greeting to any potential suitors because they’ll be super-impressed with how wide your mouth opens. You know, for eating candy apples. Or screaming, Boo!