Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Rain, Rain Go Away

Last week, we were so jazzed to hit the Taste of Greenville Avenue to eat and drink until we were completely uncomfortable. Well, as soon as we got in our car to head that direction, the sky turned pitch black as ominous clouds rolled in. The wind howled around us, autumn leaves swirling in mini-tornadoes. We swerved around falling trees and stray storm chasers as we splashed through the flooding streets. Lightning struck. Thunder clapped. It seemed our trip to Taste of Greenville Avenue would most certainly be our last.

Not to be the slightest bit dramatic, but we never made it to our desired destination. We opted instead for someplace indoors, away from threats of natural disaster. So this week we are determined to enjoy the great outdoors and some fabulous food. One more time, we turn your attention to a fab al fresco event.

Halloween Sunday, recover from Saturday night’s costumed escapades in the gorgeous One Arts Plaza downtown. The high is supposed to be 79 with totally sunny skies, perfect for eating and drinking.

Each of the restaurants of One Arts Plaza – Jorge’s (pictured above), Fedora, Tei-An and Screen Door – will be on-hand to provide eats and drinks, as well as entertainment. Some of the food and drink items will be available as free samples, or order larger portions for a small charge.

Highlights include a Chef Cookoff where a secret ingredient will be revealed Iron Chef-style with just 30 minutes to create a culinary masterpiece. Not to be outdone, the restaurants’ bartenders will compete in a Bartender Mix Off, also with a secret ingredient (we sincerely hope it’s booze). Throughout the day, there will also be cooking demonstrations and tastings.

The day ends with a live performance at 3:30 p.m. from the great Hunter Sullivan and his acclaimed jazz band.

So join us for some last-day-of-October fun in the sun. And this time if it rains, we have a backup plan.

Click on the “Fall Block Party” link for a PDF of the complete schedule.