Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Get Naked & Spice Up The Bedroom

There’s no doubt that sex sells. But that usually equates to women in bikinis selling light beer. For gay men, that does nothing for us. So if we want to see hot men hawking products, our choices are pretty much limited to underwear and razors. And we’re way too embarrassed to tell you how many Soloflex machines we’ve purchased because of this commercial.

Well now there’s a new video that has caused our MasterCards in severe pain from over-purchasing at Naked Decor. (Check it out for yourself below)

As a result, next time you’re over at the Gay List Mansion or see us featured on Pimp My Gay Crib, you’ll probably notice that we went a little crazy with the pillows. (Or is 312 really too many?) In our defense, however, they’re all two-sided, which means double the decorating possibilities. That also helps us justify the purchase to our boyfriend because it’s like getting two pillows for the price of one. (Just like hookers in Thailand!)

Of course, we’re naturally drawn to the “Live Like A Queen” pillow, but in honor of Maggie Mae, our favorite weenie dog, we think this one is pretty darn swell, too. Oh, and this one always reminds us of our Fleet Week adventures.

Of course, Naked Décor has way more than just pillows. That’s just our current obsession. We’ll report back again about another of their lines that has us wildly excited. Stay tuned!

But for now, we’ve got to get back home and see what Chad (pictured above) is up to. He’s beautiful to look at, but he keeps getting lost under all the pillows. And those tables at Chili’s aren’t going to wait themselves.


(Photo and Video Courtesy of Naked Décor)