Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Massage In A Bottle

There’s nothing quite like a 90-minute massage to help us forget the troubles of the day. Unless, of course, it’s financial woes that are putting our body in knots. Then, spending over $150 for a rub-down might just make us more stressed than we were before we put our face down in that uncomfortable donut pillow.

So to save money and still enjoy the careful draping of a towel across our butt, we like to take out ads on Craigslist get a massage from our boyfriend in the comfort of our own home. Instead of spa music that would put Enya into a coma, we can listen to the soothing sounds of Ina Garten whipping up a cheesecake on TV. In place of a tabletop waterfall, we enjoy the sounds of vodka cascading over a tumbler full of ice for post-massage hydration. And we definitely don’t miss that squishy fart sound that the massage therapist’s lotion bottle inevitably makes just when we’re about to fall asleep.

One of the great things about a massage is that it can happen anywhere. On a sofa. On the bed. On a dining room table surrounded by sushi. The only real requirements are comfort and a great massage lotion or oil. That’s why we were excited to discover Nickel Massage Cannaille, an aromatic jojoba oil made with hot peppers for a remarkable heating effect. Each pass of the hands over your body gently warms and makes for a sensuous and wonderfully relaxing experience. The aroma is musky and soothing without being annoyingly fragrant, either.

The best part is that the person giving the massage doesn’t end up with his hands on fire from the heating elements of the oil. This is not Ben-Gay. But if Ben’s the one giving the massage and he’s gay, then that’s just a bonus. And quite possibly the firs step toward happily ever after.


Black Tie Dinner This Weekend
If you’re still looking for tickets for this year’s Black Tie Dinner, we’ve got you covered!

The event is virtually sold out, but we’ve held on to a handful of seats just for you, Last-Minute Lucy. Send us a note at www.facebook.com/gaylistdaily and someone from Black Tie Dinner will be in touch shortly to seal the deal.