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Cher And Cher Alike

There are three performers who have starring roles in our recurring dreams: Cher, Madonna and Christian singer Amy Grant (go figure). In each of these dreams, we attend the concert of said star and proceed to become fast friends backstage and join their inner circles of confidants. We drink together, attend fabulous red carpet events together and in the case of Amy Grant, Kumbaya together.

So far, we’ve yet to ever talk to any of these powerful women in person, but we keep the dream alive. Fortunately, a secondary wish has just been fulfilled and that’ll buy us a little time to track down their publicists and infiltrate their entourages. Yesterday the studios released Cher: The Film Collection, a six-DVD set featuring some of Cher’s most powerful (and a couple more obscure) performances. It’s as if they knew she had a new movie with Christina Aguilera titled Burlesque coming out on November 24 in theaters everywhere. A movie that takes a legend to make a star. I just love when things like this happen so randomly!

What’s great about this movie set is that it features the films that are iconic to Cher, the actress. Who among us hasn’t thought of her when taking a Silkwood shower after sleeping with a skeezy guy? Or served our nieces marshmallow kabobs and Cheetos for dinner before dancing around the kitchen to the soundtrack in our head à la Mermaids?

The set also includes her Oscar-winning performance in Moonstruck and Tea with Mussolini, but it’s the two lesser-known flicks that give this collection a little cult street cred.

In Chastity, Cher plays “a bummer, a loser, a cop-out, a drop-out” who hitchhikes across the country before ending up in a Mexican brothel. Check out the groovy trailer here. We’re just glad the studio didn’t feel compelled to re-release this film as Chaz because we prefer the real thing.

But we’re most excited about a movie that’s been in our VHS (yes, VHS) collection for years, and that’s Good Times. (It’s Dy-no-mite!) This 1967 film is so bad, it’s fantastic. In the movie, she and Sony Bono play the roles they were born to play – Sonny and Cher! It’s amazing how much they look like their characters. Plus, the soundtrack features their most famous duet, I Got You Babe. We love the costumes (get a load of her outfit in this scene) and the cornball dialogue. It’s a great DVD to play at parties, if for nothing other than psychedelic background visuals. But watch it all the way through at least once. It’s genius in its own special way.

The total run time of all movies back-to-back is 634 minutes, meaning a marathon Cher watching party isn’t out of the question. Just think how many costume changes you could have in ten-and-a-half hours! You may think you’re dreaming, but Cher will make sure you snap out of it!

$49.98 MSRP

Set includes:
Good Times (1967)
Chastity (1969)
Silkwood (1983)
Moonstruck (1987)
Mermaids (1990)
Tea With Mussolini (1999)

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