Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Season’s Greenings

Each year we take on an important challenge. And that’s to send out the best holiday cards possible. We want to give the one greeting card that recipients cherish for a lifetime. The one that causes them to send us a thank-you note for being so thoughtful and creative.

And we’ve found just that card. But this year, we’re going to be generous and let you in on our discovery. You know, because the holidays are a time to give to others. (Plus, if we’re visited by three spirits on Christmas Eve, we’ll at least have a recent track record of postal philanthropy.)

The Postcarden is exactly as it sounds: half postcard, half garden. Simply open it up, assemble the log cabin, place your ice skaters where you want them, then sprinkle some seeds and add water. Within a few days, it’s watercress sandwiches for everyone, baby!

It’s a card that’s also a gift. And one that gives back. Best of all, it’s a card that’s a gift that tastes great with Ranch Dressing!

U.S. postage is $1.30 for this greeting and the card itself certainly ain’t cheap, so make sure the people on your holiday card list truly deserve it. Otherwise, just send them a quick text message or Tweet wishing them a very merry whatever.