Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Black Is The New Goog

If you’re like us, a good 16 hours per day is spent Googling for our favorite things, which often involves work-related subjects, but more typically means searching for shirtless pics of some hot celebrity. Or maybe who’s just come out of the closet. And sometimes both!

So we’ve just been alerted to the fact that all our time on Google may be destroying the planet. It’s like we’re one big evil mastermind and we didn’t even know it. Yes, web sites like Google with large white backgrounds actually cause your monitor to use up more power to display than a site with a black background.

But there’s already a solution and it’s called Blackle. It’s powered by Google Custom Search, so you’re still getting the brains behind the mega-engine, but in a sleek black package. All results are displayed in white text on a black background, which is actually kind of soothing on the eyes. And great for covert searching in the dark.

The company behind Blackle recommends setting blackle.com as your home page because not only will it help save little bits of electricity one user at a time, but even if you don’t use it that often, it might remind you of other ways you can save energy. Like setting the vibrating bed to three-minute intervals instead of 20, only running one disco ball at a time in the bathroom, or ordering three cocktails at once so you don’t waste energy walking back and forth to the bar.

See, there are plenty of ways we can all pitch in to help. And using this new site is even more addictive for us than regular Google. Because like they always say, once you go Blackle, you never go backle.