Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Come On Over To Our Pad

When we were kids, Hungry Hungry Hippos was about as technologically advanced as board games got. And as it turns out, they weren’t really all that hungry. And we’re pretty sure those little white pellets were empty-calorie carbs.

Then along came Scene It? DVD games, which were really cool interactive competitions with plenty of photos and video to create a never-ending array of puzzles. The only bad part, you had to have a television to play. And, well, Scene It? games came out during Mom and Dad’s Amish phase, so along with our sister, we pretty much just stared at the box until one of us walked away. Whoever stayed behind, that was the winner (and a very loose interpretation of the word, to be sure).

So now, here we are in 2010 and our electricity-lovin’, non-Amishy self is ready to have a little Scene It? smackdown. Even if we’re completely alone. That’s because there’s a whole new line of apps for iPhone, iPad and some device they call “Traditional Handsets”, whatever those are.

Now we can play these fast-paced games anywhere we want in living-single mode or with friends. With titles like Scene It? 30 Rock for Apple’s iPad (in HD) and iPhone, as well as versions devoted to both comedy movies and horror flicks, it’s like we’re kids all over again. In both iPhone and iPad versions of the games, the unique features of the devices (like the touch screens) are used to optimum advantage making the puzzles and challenges more interactive than they could ever be on a regular old-fashioned TV.

Each version has a multi-person mode, so you don’t have to play with yourself. (Or alone.) And there are rapid-fire games where everyone gather around the device and play at the same time together.

Games start at just $1.99 for iPhone apps, $4.99 for iPad apps, and we’re assuming shells and saber-tooth-tiger teeth as the currency needed for those “traditional handsets” (still can’t figure out what those could possibly be).